Hollywood Regency

Known as the Hollywood Regency, this style draws on the classic Hollywood aesthetic from the 1920s and 1930s. It is very suitable for customers who want to express their more flashy side. The dominant theme is luxury designs, often combined with a Victorian twist. No text provided for this image Furniture in a Hollywood Regency-style space is full of intriguing details like fringe and tassels. The color scheme is often quite rich with metal details that include shimmer and deep jewel-like colours.

A Hollywood-style venue can now be created with more budgets compared to previous years in terms of costs. Today’s plastic processing technology, surface coating and paint technologies make this possible. Solid wood and lacquered are being replaced by high-quality plastic derivatives of many design components. The same is true for raw copper and brass metal details.

The throne of the Hollywood Regency style, which still attracts great attention in our country today; Even the Scandinavian style, which expresses peaceful spaces with its simplicity and sophistication, could not be shaken.

Nowadays, it is possible to find Hollywood style accessories in almost every shopping mall. While the Hollywood style is usually the target when constructing the space, it is sometimes used in conjunction with the French style. It is similar to the traditional style mentioned as Hollywood Regency, but has a warmer tone. Heavy features of wood and furniture are often embellished with intricate patterns. Natural materials are also an important design element. Chairs and tables are likely to be quite ornate, but comfortable. Yellow, red, brown and gold are essential elements of a French style color palette.

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