Color Selection for Exterior Paint in Detached Houses

Detached houses are structures where you can display more personal details, where you have a more flexible playground than flat-type living spaces, both in terms of decoration and architecture. These details, which also carry clues from the interior decoration of the house, are hidden in the colors of the exterior. The interior decoration details of a detached house are evident from the glamor of its exterior.

In deciding the structure and color of the exterior in detached houses, as well as the trends of the period, the exteriors of the surrounding houses, the specific rules of the site, if any, the purpose of the house (mountain house, summer house, one-storey house in the city, three-storey villa, vineyard house, country house). house, mansion, etc.) and the physical factors of the countries also play an important role. The only thing that matters is what color you want to see your home in at first glance.


2021 Exterior Paint Colors and Usage Details

The basic rule to keep in mind in detached house paint colors where you have endless color options and nearly unlimited options is not to take risks and avoid extreme colors. Although unusual decoration examples and paint colors that are interesting to us when we see them, certain basic exterior colors are candidates to make every home type look splendid. Cold colors are generally dominant in exterior paint colors. Colors such as blue, dark blue, green, gray, light blue, anthracite, smoked, dark blue, dark green, water green and mint are among the most popular exterior colors of this year. Color tones on exteriors, where cold colors are generally preferred, vary according to usage areas.

Cold colors, which appeal to almost all kinds of decorations and architectural styles, have started to dominate on exteriors as they adapt to all detached house types. With the Pantone Color Institute showing classic blue as the color of the year, it seems that we will be under the influence of the color blue for many years. Blue color is frequently preferred for exterior facades due to its harmony with every environment and its integrity with green nature. You can darken the blue color to add some character, or mix it with gray for a heavier look. Blue color exterior is also a frequently used duo because it is in harmony and integrity with white. Especially in the Mediterranean and Aegean geography, blue exterior decoration on white is very popular.

We have said that cold colors are used in modern architecture, and warm colors are used in classical and ancient architecture. In exterior paint trends, we can say that the areas of use of warm colors are generally warm geographies. We can see adobe color, warm orange, autumn yellow and pinkish colors on the warm color scale very often this year. We often come across the use of warm colors on the exterior in the decoration of summer houses, summer cottages and detached holiday houses. The warm colors of brick color and dark orange tones will suit detached houses with gardens in greenery; pink and its tones are used together with white, and it will be a nice option for those looking for original ideas in villa type houses.

Among the prominent trends in exterior paint, monochrome combinations, which we can call the American style, also stand out. We frequently encounter the modern urban-looking black and white harmony on exteriors. Black and white, which is frequently used in large and wide buildings, combines the light reflection feature of white with the elegance of black details, giving the exterior a cool look. If you are going to have a monochrome exterior made, you can have black details done on white façade paint to make it look bright and natural.

Along with new technologies, exterior building products and architectural designs, pastel combinations on exteriors are also popular trends. The use of pastel tones in the details of the house such as the door, roof and window edges rather than the entire exterior softens the appearance of the house at first glance. While the use of unusual colors makes a difference, applying pastel colors as exterior paint is preferred especially in European architectures. The views, in which adjacent houses are colored with pastel exterior paints in different tones, are one of the most preferred exterior paint trends.

Details to be Considered in Exterior Paint Production

Technical and operational details, which are as important as paint colors and appearance, are among the main issues that we should pay attention to in exterior paint application. The condition of the area where the paint will be applied, the degree of wear of the wall, the weather conditions during the application, technical installation, occupational safety and choosing the right material are among the main technical details.

Your exterior should also be in harmony with your wooden ceiling and exterior floor decoration. If you’re going to use wood flooring for poolside decks, patio furniture, or garden floors, light wood goes well with dark, dark wood goes well with light. In addition, if you choose flooring colors that are complementary to each other, you will have a more harmonious exterior. wood, interior

You can get information from for the best color and texture options for the facade of your house.

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